Zen Inspired Haiku’s


A Reflection of Nothing~

A moment before.

I have seen life’s reflection

Nothing can be seen.


The reality.

Transparent as blowing wind.

Nothing in the way.


Space out- sensations

Wondering from the mind’s eye.

Knowing it all fades.


An from the dark came

A form of shadow and light.

A reflections bane.


Then colors arose.

From something vague and bleak.

Shading the future.


Space was created.

To make room for all forms.

Chaos and order.


Perception appeared.

Suddenly a point of view.

Visions from thin air.


I found a reason.

To live my life in the light.

I love my freedom.


What’s left for me?

Haunted by memories.

Nostalgic hang up.


Suffering begins

When desire starts to burn.

Focus on nothing.


My mortality.

Gives way to insanity.

Free me from myself.


You can’t escape death

niether fear or desire.

The presence of death.


I’m waiting to die.

I don’t know when it all ends.

Time is killing me.


Are you into pain?

It seems to me you’re a slave.

Can no one be saved?


I’m coming closer.

To the opposite of time.

It hurts just to die.


My brain is now dead.

Painted memories haunt me.

My eyes are open.


Isn’t it a shame?

Fire burns out in the rain.

Another life ends.


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